Week 7

Week 7

September 29, 2016

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Monday night’s debate seemed more hyped-up than Super Bowl 50. Everyone, from reporters to the crazy cat lady down the street, talked about the upcoming spectacle. I watched as average Joes suddenly turned into bookies with a thousand dollars riding on the outcome. It was Hillary vs. Trump in the ring and they were about to slug it out. 84 million Americans tuned in.

But you know what I saw?

Round One:

Crooked Hillary once again had the script flipped in her favor. A lazy/crooked reporter asked Trump loaded question after loaded question, all the while continuing to give Hillary a pass by ignoring the biggest elephants in the room: her many, many scandals.

Why wasn’t she asked about her deleted emails? Why wasn’t she asked about Benghazi? Why wasn’t she asked about her PROVEN corruption within the State Department and the Clinton Foundation? She has more scandals than any politician in history.

Round Two:

Yes, Hillary surprised us. First, because she actually had the stamina to make it to round two. No denying that she was smooth, polished and clearly well rested from a 2 week beauty nap.

I never accused Donald of wanting to “sit still and look pretty.”

Donald has never been politically correct and his debate performance reminded us that he isn’t the quintessential politician... but you know what? It’s time we had a President who actually leads through action than one who stays on ‘talking point message’ and does nothing.

It’s damn time we have a leader who will stand up to all threats, foreign (Mexico/China/ISIS) and domestic (Obama/Clinton/mainstream media). Wait...does Obama belong in foreign or domestic? Hahahahaha

And the winner is...

So, when someone asks me who won the debate, I say the mainstream media and the political establishment. The real losers here continue to be the American people. That is until November when we hold her accountable for her sins. Wake the Hell Up America!
Lester Holt and Hillary can turn their backs on her bullshit and throw up enough smoke and mirrors to make you ‘look away’, but just like my brothers and I in Benghazi, all of her scandals will come back to haunt her.

Shout out to media partner Yes I'm Right. Thanks for helping us get the TRUTH out!



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